How The Venus Factor Diet Plan Will Help You / Review

the venus factor diet plan

The Venus Factor Diet Plan:

Product Review by Concerned Consumer



The Venus Factor Diet Plan is a women’s weight loss program that has been designed to offer results without scam supplements and a strict diet.

The Venus Factor

I am sure you have come across plenty of weight loss programs on the internet and in bookstores. Each one of the programs is described and promoted by its designers as the ultimate revolution in weight loss.

However, most of them are scam programs that are meant to either promote potentially harmful supplement products or cause unnecessary hype among people who are desperately trying to lose weight; all for the sake of marketing.

If you are sick and tired of such programs and supplements, there is a solution for you – The Venus Factor. It has been designed for only those who are serious about shedding weight; therefore if you are not committed to weight loss, it might not be the right program for you.

What Exactly Is The Venus Factor Diet Plan?

Venus Factor is a diet trend that has been designed exclusively for women. It is the ultimate the venus factor diet planmarket leader in weight loss, and it should not come as a surprise that the program is already attracting a very large following.
The program draws its principles from the latest researches about how women metabolism works thus making it a true helper for women who are trying to lose weight.

The man behind the Venus Factor is John Barban, who has been a weight loss consultant for a very long time. In his career, he has been a consultant for various diet supplement manufacturers.

That has allowed him to observe the things that manufacturers do wrongly and those that they do correctly.
Barban explains that there is a need to differentiate women’s weight loss programs from men’s. That is because there are different levels of the hormone leptin in men and women.

The hormone speeds up body metabolism and thus plays a vital role in the process by which calories are burned.

In his research, Barban found that women produce three times more of the hormone than men. However, men utilize it more than women.

Therefore, a big portion of the hormone goes unused in women.

That makes general supplements and diet plans ineffective in women.

What You Will Achieve with The Venus Factor

So what exactly will the product help you to achieve?

Well, according to Barban, Venus Factor comes with lots of sales promises.

Of the most importance is weight loss.

There are factors that were put into consideration during the development of the product to ensure that it is extremely effective in weight management.

They include the fact that:

 Women are more prone to leptin resistance compared to men.

The condition prevents their bodies from burning calories and thus weight loss.

 Women are more prone to poor diets that reduce the level of leptin.

That results in the gaining of weight.

 Women’s role of childbearing has programmed their bodies to store more fat compared to men because it is a source of energy that is needed for childbirth and upbringing.

The factors make it very hard for women to lose weight easily.

That is where Venus Factor comes in. It is specially formulated to regulate the level of leptin in women without the need for excessive workouts or dangerous diets and supplements.

Venus Factor’s weight loss system consists of a 12-week program that focuses on:

1.    Custom meal patterns that keep leptin levels high thus speeding up metabolism.
2.    Special workout programs that keep your weight in check. They ensure that you develop a lean body.
3.    Secret nutrients that can raise your body’s metabolism without adding useless calorie to it.
4.    Effective herbal treatments that complement dietary and workout parts of the program. They are responsible for keeping you healthy all through the program.


Does The Venus Factor Diet Plan Work?

Barban and the Venus Factor program seem to be promising exactly what most of us need.

But does it really work? Simply put, yes it does.

However, it is a program for real women with real weight issues; not the uncommitted type who just want to experiment on their bodies.

To prove its efficiency, Barban first tried the Venus Factor on his sister.

She had been trying to lose the extra weight that had resulted from her giving birth to a daughter.

As the very first research patient, she lost 53 pounds in a mere five months.

The facts that

1) he used it on his sister

2) it worked mean that it is effective.

It has also gotten positive reviews among women who have tried it. Therefore, it is as effective as it is said to be.

The program consists of very simple and easy-to-follow instructions that pretty much any woman with weight loss issues can abide by.

Patience and persistence will come in handy once you embark on the Venus Factor program. As mentioned already, it is a 12-week program and Barban’s sister took five months to realize the results. Therefore,

it will take anything from three to five months before you start noticing the results.

How to Get It

Want the Venus Factor? You can get it online from the official Clickbank as an ebook. Remember that Clickbank is known for credibility and quick delivery.

The website offers a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with its services.

Your product will come as a package that contains PDF and video files for the 12-week program.


In summary, the Venus Factor is a revolutionary product in weight loss and weight management especially for women.

It is built on a noble foundation, and it is based on scientific researches and evidence. The fact that it has been tested and found to offer results gives it a great advantage over most other products that are downright ineffective. On the other hand, the three to five weeks that it takes to show results might be a bit too long to commit fully to it; especially for a skeptic.
My opinion is that it should be given a little more time for more analysis and scientific research. However, considering the many positive reviews that it is already enjoying, there is no harm in trying it.

After all it does not involve supplements and workouts that can expose you to serious health risks.